Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New journals @ our library

Spring is here! It's a new season, a new term, and oh yeah, National Library Week! I thought I would share some journal titles that are new to our library for 2012.  In case you missed them last term we now have:
  • Fertility and Sterility
  • Clinics in Perinatology
  • OBGYN Clinics
  • International Journal of Childbirth
  • BMJ (some articles were free before but we now have full access)
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • American Family Physician (now includes the current year)
All of these journals can be found in our Electronic Journal list on the Find Articles page of the library website. Let us know if you have trouble accessing any of these titles.  
We will be receiving another new journal, Journal of the National Black Nurses Association, in print (no electronic subscription is available) in the library in Hyden. It won't be available online, but we'll be able to scan articles and email them out to you.
Any other journals you'd like to see @ our library?

Monday, April 9, 2012

National Library Week 2012

This week we'll be celebrating National Library Week with the theme "You belong @ your library." I know that most of our students and faculty don't spend a lot of time "at" Frontier's library in Aunt Hattie's Barn. Most of your "library time" is spent in cyberspace, visiting our website and using various online resources.  However, we do want our physical library to be a useful place for you when you visit campus for Crossing the Bridge, Clinical Bound, and/or DNP Intensive (and of course for new students who are on campus for the first time at Bridge Bound or Frontier Bound). So, what do you think belongs @ our library? Textbooks? Leisure reading materials? Charging stations for your mobile device? Comfy seating? Let us know in the comments! I can't make any promises (we may not run right out and buy a recliner, for example) but we will certainly consider all suggestions for making the library a welcoming and functional space!