Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Daily POEMs

In our last post, I highlighted Daily POEMs from Essential Evidence Plus.  One thing this service is good for is alerting me to clinical topics that students and faculty might want more information on.  I keep an "Of Interest" folder in my Inbox so I can file away the POEMs that seem especially interesting.  Lately it seems like there have been several on women's health topics.

Late last month, one POEM showed that breast cancer screening benefits are overrated. Earlier in the month, on Valentine's Day in fact, there was a POEM showing the benefits of delayed cord clamping. More recently, a POEM showed that for low-risk women, there was no difference between giving birth at home, in a birth center, or in an OB unit.

Finally, today a Daily POEM arrived in my Inbox that made me smile - "Three-step identification method for recognizing dangerous snakes." Now, I'm sure this is a serious problem, it just seems so different from the pregnancy, women's health, and primary care topics that we normally deal with in the library.  I'm happy to know that if I need to identify a venomous snake, I know which resource to turn to.

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